Turning Point Professional Counseling Services

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Parental Fitness/Custody Evaluations
Perhaps you have become involved in a Child In Need of Care Case or the custody of your children is the subject of a domestic case. This is a very stressful time and Turning Point Professional Counseling Services is available to assist in court ordered evaluations.  There are many steps to a parental fitness/custody evaluation and while it may seem overwhelming, we are here to walk you through each step in our non-threatening environment.

I have been court ordered for an evaluation, now what?

It is important that you make contact with us as soon as you have been ordered by the court for you evaluation. If you are unsure what type of evaluation the court has ordered, ask for you attorney to contact our office.

Initial Appointment

You will be scheduled for an initial appointment with our evaluator, Kristal Stanton.  During this appointment, you will complete a detailed social history and participate in a battery of assessments to help us best capture your personality, mental health, and parenting ability.  This appointment will typically last eight hours and can be scheduled in either our Hays or Belleville office.

Collateral Contacts

You will be asked to provide the names of four references who can give insight about the situation.  Additional contacts will be made with teachers, therapists, medical professionals, and anyone else that has involvement with either your or your children. 

Home Visit/Parenting Observation

Our evaluator will schedule a time to observe you and your children in your family home.   Observation is an opportunity for the evaluator to understand how you and your children interact in your home environment.  While at times it may seem uncomfortable having someone observe you, please try to carry on with your routine as much as possible.


Upon collecting all of the above information, our evaluator will then prepare a written report to distribute to the court. In order to keep this process moving along, please provide signed releases for any party identified in the collateral contacts.  At times, it is often easier for you to contact the individual/company directly and ask to sign a release for Turning Point Professional Counseling immediately upon being court ordered to participate in a parental fitness or custody evaluation.

How do I schedule?

Please contact the evaluator, Kristal Stanton at 785-346-6015 or the Hays Office at 785-628-3575 to schedule an evaluation.